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5 Methods of funding for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Since Covid’s occurrence in 2020, the world essentially came to a halt. Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to operate when millions of people are dispersed because of the expanding public health issue. Those who did manage to sustain their businesses did so only because they had the appropriate strategy and financial planning in place. But what about firms that […]


Unlike many other relief During the global pandemic that hit the world in 2020 and scooped the world economy off its feet, SBA brought in a new way to deal with various debts-stricken businesses across the nation. As a part of the CARES Act, SBA is authorized to pay six months of principal, interest, and any associated fees that borrowers […]


As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, protecting your startup or small businesses means having a plan. To keep your company healthy during the coronavirus outbreak and positioned well for success when it’s over, take advantage of these seven contingency and business planning tips. 1. Put health and safety first If you’re a solopreneur or sole proprietor, prioritize your health first. Limit […]

Things to know About the SBA PPP loan

Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected the public health but it also has severely hit the economy. It has impacted various sectors like tourism, production, service, trade, supply and health.  Small businesses have been hit the hardest as they face the challenge of declining staff and customers while implementing new social distancing and public health practices. The widespread closing of […]


If you’re looking to build your resources and expand your business, getting government contracts is the best solution for you. Having government agencies as clients can be a real asset for companies. Government contracts can offer numerous benefits for small businesses. Companies should look for contracts that best match their scope of work and business qualifications. Although sometimes it may […]

Business Planning Tips for Small Business Success

Business Planning Tips       Every business out there is seeking success, targeting some goals.  Implementing decisions after decisions they reach their desired goals and get expected results. These crucial decisions are guided by some sort of clear and reasonable plans. Hence, from starting a business, targeting goals and objectives, to successfully achieving them, every step is guided by our business […]

Tech Tools for Women-Owned Businesses

Tips from Black Swan Consulting, Inc. It is delightfully noticeable that gradually women are rising to leadership positions and entrepreneurial journeys handling their own businesses. These gradual steps can become a key factor to empower women and put a full stop to many issues they have been facing in their work environment which are clearly unfair and unreasonable. Unequal pay, […]

6 Effective Resources For Women-Owned Businesses

Tips from Black Swan Consulting, Inc. Despite prior setbacks, women-owned companies continue to make up an increasing percentage ofall businesses in the United States. The increase in the number of self-employed women hasresulted in a rise in the economic factor.As this economic population continues to grow, several organizations have vowed to assist therevolution. In other words, a large number of […]